Planning a trip to Europe

Are you planning a journey through Europe?

Here you will find important information on environmental zones, vignettes and tolls for vehicles.

Vignettes, Tolls & Low emisson zones

If you are planning to travel abroad by car, you should definitely find out about the local regulations. Please note, for example, that driving bans in low emission zones also apply to vehicles registered abroad!

In many countries, tolls are also charged for motorways, motorways, bridges or tunnels.

In addition, city tolls are levied in some European city centres and entry to low emission zones may be subject to a charge.are you planning a trip through Europe?


To protect you from possible fines and restrictions, our member advisory service organises constant monitoring of traffic regulations in Europe.

The toll systems for the use of motorways and motorways vary from country to country and can be based on vignettes as in Switzerland or Austria, but also on point-based tolls as in France, Italy or Spain.

  • Please note that unofficial sales portals often offer vignettes at inflated prices. The ACL therefore recommends buying only from the official sites!

In order to be able to plan the costs of your holiday in advance, we recommend that you find out about any toll charges that may apply.

Plan your journey in advance and avoid surprises by familiarising yourself with the rules for low emission zones, tolls and vignettes.

ACL provides you with a comprehensive overview of the relevant regulations and detailed information on the steps required to obtain the environmental stickers.

Plan your journey optimally and enjoy a congestion-free journey. Get detailed information to avoid possible fines.

For more detailed information, please contact us on +352 45 00 45-1 or send an e-mail to

Bip&Go: travelling without stopping thanks to electronic toll systems

Valid in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy for a smooth and stress-free travelling experience.

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European countries with toll, vignette and environmental zone regulations

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