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Bienvenue aux passionnés de l’automobile et de l’histoire ! Les véhicules historiques, souvent appelés aussi véhicules classiques, voitures de collection ou voitures anciennes, sont des joyaux de l’ingénierie qui ont traversé les décennies. Ces véhicules ne sont pas seulement des moyens de transport ; ils sont des témoins vivants de l’évolution technologique, du design et des tendances culturelles de leur époque.

Posséder, restaurer ou simplement admirer ces véhicules, c’est célébrer l’héritage et l’innovation qui ont marqué l’histoire de l’automobile. Ils incarnent une époque révolue, reflétant les aspirations, le style et l’ingéniosité de leurs créateurs. Rejoignez-nous pour explorer l’univers fascinant des véhicules historiques, où chaque modèle raconte une histoire unique, un voyage à travers le temps et l’histoire de l’automobile.

L’ACL représente les intérêts particuliers des amateurs des voitures classiques et historiques envers les pouvoirs publics, les législateurs et les institutions et contribue à la préservation et la promotion de ce patrimoine technologique.

  • Rétro-Evaluation
    "Oldtimer" test on the condition of the vehicle and estimate of its value
  • Historic vehicle status
  • Events
    Roadtrips for enthusiasts
  • Specific assistance
  • Second-hand market
  • Dedicated training

Services to help you live your passion to the full

The wide range of expertise available includes technical assistance, legal advice, events and excursions, as well as a partnership with the SNCT for the technical inspection of classic cars.

ACL Classic Tour

For whom?
The ACL Classic Tour is for classic car enthusiasts ready to enjoy a drive along Luxembourg’s picturesque roads. It’s also an opportunity to admire other fine mechanicals and to chat with other Oldtimers enthusiasts.

Thursday, 9th of May 2024 from 7.30am to 9.30pm

Start in Bertrange

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ACL Classic 2024 brochure

Discover the latest edition of our annual brochure dedicated to historic vehicles

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"Rétro-évaluation" and Historic Vehicle status

This service is aimed at owners of vehicles over 20 years old. Retro-Evaluation includes not only the “oldtimer” test, which will tell you about the condition of the vehicle, but also an analysis carried out by an expert who can give you an estimate of its value.

If your vehicle is 30 years old and you would like to apply for “historic vehicle” status, ACL will also prepare a file that will enable us to apply for this status with the SNCA on your behalf. This dossier, drawn up in conjunction with the SNCA, will facilitate the procedure.

Please complete the information sheet in full for a classification appraisal of a historic vehicle and return it to ACL Diagnostic Center by email to enclosing, where appropriate, a photocopy of the vehicle registration document.

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Offre de formations

Throughout the year, ACL offers training courses to help you improve your skills in a variety of areas. These courses are aimed in particular at :

  • motorbike users to improve their driving skills
  • enthusiasts of historic vehicles
  • people who want to know more about electrified vehicles
  • fleet managers
See the training calendar

Special assistance for historic vehicles

ACL has developed, in collaboration with the circles concerned, special assistance for club members who own a historic vehicle that is at least 20 years old, belonging to either the passenger car category (maximum authorised mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes) or the motorbike category.

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Tax on historic cars

Historic cars first registered after 1 January 1950 and first registered more than 25 years ago are subject to an annual flat-rate tax of 25 euros; vehicles first registered before 1950 are exempt from the tax.

For motorbikes meeting these criteria, the annual flat-rate tax is 15 euros.

Article 53 of the law of 22 September 2006 states that if the tax is not paid, the vehicle may be immobilised or impounded at the request of the customs and excise authorities.

Article 54 also states:
“The road vehicle technical inspection bodies (SNCT) shall refuse access to the periodic technical inspection for validly registered vehicles if the deadline for paying the tax has passed for more than 60 days.”

Full details of the law can be found at:

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