Vignettes and tolls in Norway

In Norway, new tunnels, bridges and road sections are generally subject to tolls until the costs of construction have been paid. Motorbikes are not subject to tolls.

When passing through toll stations, the vehicle is registered electronically.

The owner of a vehicle not registered in Norway will receive a toll invoice by post from Epass24 (Park Trade Europe AB). Payment is made online.

Online registration of foreign vehicles with Epass24

Drivers of vehicles with foreign licence plates have the option of registering online with Epass24 before starting their journey. Although this is not mandatory, it offers a number of practical advantages. By setting up an account, users can receive their invoices by email, manage them online, check due dates and make payments easily. In addition, invoices can be paid directly online, especially via a credit card.

It is important to note that Epass24 only issues invoices for vehicles registered abroad. Vehicles registered in Norway must settle the charges directly with the local toll companies.

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For longer stays in Norway, a contract with the use of a chip can be considered.

Depending on the duration of use and the itinerary in other Scandinavian countries, you can obtain interesting discounts from the various sales companies. It also makes it easier to pay the congestion charge in most cities.

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