Your tailor-made itinerary with ACL

Our team of tourist advisers is on hand to help members prepare their journeys in complete safety (itineraries, road maps, guides, motorway stickers, safety accessories and traffic information).

A tailor-made trip

Do you dream of … ?

For a long trip in stages or for any other destination, ask ACL for your personalised itinerary. It will be sent to you by post or email.

Ask your itinerary
  • A made-to-measure service
  • Guide in your language
  • Across Europe
  • In the mode of transport of your choice

Elements needed

  • Your ACL membership card
  • The battery of the electric bike to be tested (the battery must be fully charged)
  • Associated battery charger
  • Make sure that the manufacturer’s label with the nominal data is still legible (you can also bring the instruction manual).


The bike is not required for the inspection.

Any questions?

Contact us now for personalised help from our teams.