Have your vehicle tested with ACL Diagnostic Center

The Diagnostic Center service gives you access to a wide range of tests carried out by professional mechanics. For example, you can have your vehicle tested before a technical inspection, or have your car diagnosed before you leave on holiday. It’s also a popular service for reassuring buyers and sellers of used vehicles.

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  • Oldtimer technical check (SNCT)

    The technical inspection of historic vehicles is offered every Thursday and Friday until mid-October.

    Price for membersPrice for the non members*Duration
    Motorbikes€ 4515 min.Book
    Cars€ 8530 min.Book

    *Service only available to ACL members

  • Oldtimer check

    Entrust your Oldtimer to us for a specific diagnosis which will inform you about an Oldtimer’s delicate points whether it is in perspective of buying/selling or for your own vehicle.  

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Oldtimer€ 110€ 218120 min.Book
  • Historic vehicle status/Retro-Evaluation

    This service is intended for owners of vehicles over 20 years old. The test “Retro-Evaluation” includes not only the “oldtimer” test that will give you information on the condition of the vehicle but also an analysis by an expert who can give you an estimate of its value.

    If your vehicle is 30 years old and you wish to apply for “historic vehicle” status, the ACL will also prepare a dossier that will allow us to apply for this status with the SNCA on your behalf. This dossier, developed with the SNCA, will facilitate the process. 

    Duration : 150 min.

    Price for membersPrice for the non members
    Evaluation and valuation of a vehicle€ 309€ 450Book
    “Historic vehicle” status application dossier – in combination with 1. (+ 45 € handling fee)€ 548€ 744Book
    “Historic vehicle” status application dossier€ 265€ 338Book

    Please complete the information form for the classification of a historic vehicle (in French) to the best of your knowledge and return it to the ACL Diagnostic Center by e-mail, enclosing a photocopy of the vehicle registration document if applicable.

  • Pre-technical check

    Let us check your vehicle before you take it to the technical check to make sure your car complies with the traffic regulations.
    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Pre-technical check€ 49€ 13160 min.Book
  • Airco Clean

    An ultra-sound cleaning system removes unpleasant odours from your air conditioning by eliminating bacteria and microbes. So you breathe clean, fresh air again. (We recommend replacing the pollen filter beforehand)

    Member priceNon-member priceDuration
    Airco Clean€ 35€ 6530 min.Book
  • Optical reconditioning of headlights

    If the plastics of your headlights are damaged and lose their transparency, we can recondition your headlights using a special polishing technique.     

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuation
    Optical reconditioning of headlights€ 140€ 24190 min.Book
  • Engine power check

    A power and torque chart informs you about your engine’s health.

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    2-wheel drive€ 89€ 20070 min.Book
    4-wheel drive€ 89€ 20080 min.Book
  • Brakers check

    You are unsure about your brake’s proper functioning or about your brake pads wear? A 20 minutes test can answer the question.

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Brakes€ 20€ 6520 min.Book
  • Dampers check

    Through our dampers test, we can determine if your shock absorbers are still most effective in order to guarantee handling under every circumstance.
    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Dampers€ 20€ 6520 min.Book
  • Suspension/steering test

    If you feel your vehicle’s handling has deteriorated or you hear a noise in the running gear, we inspect all suspension and steering components.

    Member priceNon-member priceDuration
    Test suspension/steering€ 40€ 9845 min.Book
  • Geometry check

    You noticed an irregular tire wear? A geometry check of your running gear using cutting-edge technology allows us to identify the cause.

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Geometry€ 50€ 9830 min.Book
  • Technical consultation

    Whether it is for technical advice, an invoice check or reading the electronic system’s memory, we give you a professional and neutral answer to your questions.

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Technical consultation€ 15€ 3315 min.Book
    Technical consultation€ 30€ 6530 min.Book
    Technical consultation€ 60€ 13160 min.Book
  • TÜV

    In cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, we offer, every Tuesday (subject to availability), a legally compliant individual approval for modified components of passenger cars. 
    Appointments: by telephone: +352 450045-6007, by e-mail: or by using the form. 
    The price and the duration of the test depend on the modified components. 
    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
  • Electric bicycle battery test

    When buying or selling a used electric bike, one of the most important purchase decisions is to ask about the condition of the battery.

    The diagnosis also provides information about how much capacity the battery still has. The examination takes about two hours and includes:

    • The visual inspection of the battery
    • The function and condition of the charger
    • The condition of the battery and its capacity in watt-hours (Wh)
    • The behavior of the internal resistance of the battery

    After completion of the inspection, you will receive a detailed measurement report.

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Electric bicycle battery test€ 51€ 69120 min.Book
  • Traction battery test for electrified vehicles

    The ACL offers a traction battery test in cooperation with Aviloo.  At the end of the test, a report is provided with a clear indication of the condition of the battery.

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Traction battery test for electrified vehicles€ 99€ 149Book
  • Installation of anti-marten kit with high voltage + variable ultrasound

    • Cleaning of the engine compartment
    • Installation High Voltage Ultrasound Kit
    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Installation of anti-marten kit with high voltage + variable ultrasound€ 394€ 592Book
  • Installation of the anti-marten kit with variable ultrasound

    • Engine compartment cleaning
    • Ultrasonic kit assembly
    Member priceNon-member priceDuration
    Variable ultrasonic anti-furrow kit assembly€ 140€ 233Book
  • Wheel change winter/summer

    We only change wheels with your tyres mounted on the rims. (Without balancing)

    Price for membersPrice for the non membersDuration
    Wheel change winter/summer€ 55€ 13150 min.Book
Got a question? Contact us!

The ACL Diagnostic Center team at your service

The ACL Diagnostic Center is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 – 18:00 and works by appointment only

To guarantee you an efficient service without wasting time, we suggest you choose the test(s) you wish to have carried out, and make an appointment at your earliest convenience at +352 450045-6007 or via the appointment request form.

We will be happy to advise you on the best test for your needs.



Reservations and cancellations

For non-members tests will need to be paid for in advance

  • or by transfer to account LU24 0030 1355 1843 0000 ( BGLLLULL) stating your name and address
  • or on the spot (of course before you have made your appointment)

Any cancellation of an appointment for ACL Diagnostic Center tests must be submitted by telephone +352 450045-6007 or by e-mail at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged 100% for the tests requested.

Any cancellation of an appointment for the technical inspection of youngtimers, oldtimers and vintage motorbikes at the ACL Diagnostic Center must be submitted by telephone +352 450045-6007 or by e-mail at least 48 hours in advance, failing which the tests requested will be invoiced at 100%. partnership for ACL members

Offer confidence and security when selling your vehicle

The ACL carries out technical tests to assess the condition of your vehicle, offering potential buyers a leap of faith. Thanks to our partnership with, ACL members receive a 50% discount on the publication of a privileged advert. Sell your vehicle with peace of mind with ACL and

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