Vignettes and tolls in Sweden

Swedish roads are generally toll-free, but a toll must be paid for some bridges.

The Oresund Bridge

The payment points are located on the Swedish side. Payment can be made on site in cash or by credit card or online in advance. Online tickets are cheaper and allow you to drive through without stopping thanks to a pre-registered licence plate.

Buy your ticket

The Motala Bridge and the Sundsvall Bridge

When passing through a control station, the vehicle’s licence plate number is photographed and the vehicle owner is identified. The owner then receives an invoice by post.

For vehicles with a foreign licence plate, this is done by the payment service provider EPASS24 on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration.

  • The vehicle owner is responsible for paying the fees on time, even if they have not received an invoice. If you have not received an invoice within three months, please contact the Central Office of Transport at