Vignettes and tolls in Portugal

What you should know about the Bip&Go toll in Portugal.

Most of the Portuguese motorway network is subject to tolls for all vehicles.

Payment at the toll stations is made either in cash or by credit card.

Payment at the electronic toll stations is subject to prior registration of the vehicle.

With the Bip&Go toll box, it is possible to drive through without stopping. The toll is then automatically debited from your account.

Bip&Go toll

Travel without interruption with the Bip&Go electronic toll system! No more queuing at toll booths!

Here are the advantages of the Bip&Go tele-toll:

  1. Reserved lanes : No more tickets needed! Avoid queues thanks to lanes reserved for electronic tolls without stopping.
  2. Dedicated mobile application: Accompany you on all your journeys and track your toll consumption.
  3. Wide range of services: from reserving a parking space to locating electric charging stations.
  4. Valid in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy: use it on all motorways and in over 1300 equipped car parks, as well as on some Italian ferries.
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