An environmentally friendly car cleaning service

The WashMobil car wash method makes it possible to offer an environmentally friendly car cleaning service and is therefore environmentally friendly.

Combining mobility, ecology, and high quality, WashMobil offers car cleaning throughout Luxembourg.

Saves 200 liters of water per car wash compared to a car wash. A car wash with a high-quality result that is visible for several weeks and without the risk of scratches compared to a roller wash.

  • The exterior wash (body, windows, doors, rims, etc.)
  • The interior wash (windows, passenger compartment, boot, dusting, etc.)
  • Visible engine wash (fast)
  • Machine shampoo fabrics, carpeting, interior headlining
  • Animal hair
  • Treatment against malodours, bacteria “OZONE
  • Cleaning and care of leather

All our products are biodegradable.

Why choose WashMobil?

To meet today’s ecological challenges, WashMobil offers you a tailor-made waterless car wash solution. By using biodegradable products that respect the environment, WashMobil guarantees a complete cleaning of your vehicle.
This waterless car wash solution is carried out wherever you wish by one of our experts.

Member benefits:

  • A discount of up to €23.50 per wash.
  • A discount of 15% on one interior & exterior wash.

Category Price

  • Category A 102,00€ instead of 120,00€ (A saving of 18,00€ incl. VAT)
  • Category B 110,00€ instead of 130,00€ (A saving of 19,50€ incl. VAT)
  • Category C 119,00€ instead of 140,00€ (A saving of 21,00€ incl. VAT)
  • Category D 131,75€ instead of 155,00€ (A saving of 23,25€ incl. VAT)

Within a radius of 20 km from Clervaux, the journey is free of charge, for each additional km, a supplement of one (1) euro per kilometer will be charged. From two (2) vehicles, the radius is increased to 40 km free of charge.
An average of 2 hours for internal and external cleaning.
The special offer for ACL members is valid all year round.