Blue Service

Fill your vehicle with AdBlue® wherever and whenever you want

Don’t have the time to fill your tank with AdBlue®? Blue Service offers you a great quick and practical solution: Blue Service fills your tank, meaning you can enjoy your day without having to do a thing.

Tailored to both private individuals and firms, these services mean you can forget about having a container of fuel at the ready or queueing at petrol stations.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier!

  • Visit
  • Tell us the date you want your tank filled and the location of the vehicle, and fill in some additional details.
  • Receive confirmation of these dates by email

If you are at work, simply leave the keys at the front desk so that Blue Service can fill the tank of your vehicle.
Payment is made directly online (vpay|credit cards) or on the spot (cash|vpay|credit cards) upon return of the keys or in advance.

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is an aqueous solution composed of urea and deionised water which significantly reduces (up to 90%) the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted by diesel-vehicle exhausts.
It is not a fuel or a fuel additive, and can only be injected into a special SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalyst fitted in your vehicle.

Your ACL member benefit

  • Fill your tank with AdBlue® (max. capacity 25l) for €35.90 instead of €39.90
  • Included in the service are fluid level controls: wind shield washer, engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid.
  • Top up your high-quality methanol-free wind shield washer fluid for €1.50 instead of €3 (this service is included in the AdBlue® service).
  • To take advantage of this service, please visit the following website to make a booking:

Blue Service

The Smart Way To Refuel AdBlue®
Official Safety Fuel distributor in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg