Rent out camper vans in various sizes

Camperfreaks Sàrl. rents out camper vans in various sizes for two to four people. They are located in the south of the country.
Experience nature, plunge into a small or even bigger adventure, go where you want, where you like and with exactly the accessories (see the supply packages) you need to do exactly what you feel like.

Member benefits:

  • Price adventage 1st week: 30 euros
  • 2nd week additional 40 euros (70€)
  • 3rd week additional 50 euros (120€)
  • For each additional week there is a further 60 euros discount
  • In addition unlimited daily kilometers are granted on all camper vans

For long term rentals (2 months or more) Camperfreaks gives you a one time discount of 200 Euros and the mileage is increased from 5000 to 6000 per month.