ACL Fuelpass card

3.5 cents per liter on every fill-up

Save on every fill-up!

With the ACL Fuelpass member advantage card, you’ll enjoy an exclusive discount on fuel purchases within the Shell network in Luxembourg.

Benefit from an exceptional discount of 3.5 cents per liter on every fill-up, all year round, within the Shell network in Luxembourg.

How does it work?

  • You need to be an up-to-date paying member of ACL. ==> Become a member
  • Submit your request to obtain the payment card. Click here.
  • Use it to make your fuel purchases within the Shell network.
  • Save on every fill-up!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does the ACL Fuelpass card cost?
    The card is completely free for all up-to-date paying ACL members.
  • How do I get my card?
    It’s simple! Apply through the available form here. You will then receive a contract and a direct debit authorization to sign, along with your card.
  • Where can I use my card?
    SHELL has a network of 34 stations in Luxembourg. Discover all the stations where you can use your ACL Fuelpass here or download the Shell App.
  • How does the payment work?
    The payment will be made by direct debit.
  • Can I purchase items in-store with my Shell ACL card?
    No, the card is exclusively intended for fuel and AdBlue transactions.
  • Does the card work abroad?
    No, the ACL Fuelpass card is exclusively valid within the territory of Luxembourg.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to save on your fuel expenses. Enjoy all the benefits that ACL has to offer and fill up on savings!

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