Clevclim - experts in the fields of heating, ventilation, renewable energy and air conditioning

Clevclim is a sanitary heating company created by three friends who are passionate about their trade. Experts in the fields of heating, ventilation, renewable energy and air conditioning, they put their know-how at your service. They are here to listen to your needs and advise you on your projects, and are committed to providing you with solutions tailored to your requirements. Their aim is to offer you a quality service, based on expertise and a passion for their profession. Don’t hesitate to contact them to discuss your projects and find out how they can help you realise your ambitions.

1st advantage for ACL members

PricePrices for ACL members excluding transport costs and spare parts
Boiler up to 50 KW170,00 €153,00 €
Boiler 50 to 100 KW220,00 €198,00 €
Boiler over 100 KW300,00 €270,00 €
Heat pumps170,00 €153,00 €
Monosplit air conditioning150,00 €135,00 €
Multi Split air conditioning – Outdoor unit100,00 €90,00 €
Multi Split air conditioning – Each indoor unit50,00 €45,00 €
Ventilation150,00 €135,00 €
Solar120,00 €108,00 €
Water softener100,00 €90,00 €

The above prices exclude VAT.

2nd advantage for ACL members

Take advantage of their MAINTENANCE PACKAGES for 3 installations or more! Example: Boiler + VMC + Solar for only €370.00 instead of €440.00.

3rd advantage for ACL members

One service per year, at no extra charge, outside normal working hours (including weekends and public holidays).

  • To take advantage of these offers, you must have installed the ACL application on your smartphone and registered it with your membership card number. Then use the application to scan the QR code that the technician will present to you during a service call.