Specialised in services, benefits, and assisting in everything about your vehicle.

Annual maintenance? Registering a new or second-hand vehicle? Import, export, registering or deregistering? Transport or repatriation of a vehicle? Relax and let CT Go take care of it. They will manage your vehicle from the pick up to the drop off at your desired location without a hitch. Services are available for individuals, businesses, administrations, etc.

CT Go is specialised in services, benefits, and assisting in everything about your vehicle.

Founded in 2010, CT Go has proposed its initial services of comfort, quality, and commodity focused on motorised vehicles but particularly on the vehicle inspection and registration by the SNCT. Today comprising of more than 10 services and assisting options, CT Go offer their clients a plethora of options in helping with their vehicle.

Without fault, CT Go always finds the fitting solution for every kind of trouble. Our motto is based on four pillars: CT Comfort, CT Service, CT Support and CT Quality.

Annual technical inspection at LUKS (Lorentzweiler control station) DEKRA or SNCT Sandweiler/Marnach/Esch-Alzette 195€ vat included.

  • Preparation and elaboration of the presentation file for the technical inspection (dash papers, insurance, label)
  • Passage to the technical inspection of your vehicle in question by one of our professional drivers
  • Pick up service to pick up your vehicle at the requested address (home, work, public car parks, supermarket, construction site, etc.)
  • Service ” Check up ” check the conformity of your vehicle (tyres, high beam, rear beam, indicator, etc.)
  • Service ” Delivery ” Drive your vehicle to the Pick up location
  • Travel costs and SNCT fees included
  • Liability insurance for the round trip to and from an official TÜV inspection site with coverage up to 350000€.

Your advantage
As an ACL member you will receive a discount of 30 €. The price for members is €195 incl. VAT. (instead of €225) , including SNCT fees. (On presentation of the membership card).