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Published on 06.10.2021

CA panoramic view for greater security

The Surround View camera, also known as the Top View or 360-degree camera, is an enhancement to the audible parking aid and the rear view camera.
Your screen displays a clear aerial view of your vehicle and its immediate surroundings. This is not just another gadget for the tech-savvy. It is a tool that helps you, as a driver, to spot pedestrians or approaching obstacles safely and in good time.
Today, many vehicle models have poor visibility for parking due to technical design reasons and the resulting body shapes, such as low side windows and large vehicle dimensions. Even with small rear windows, parking can quickly become a challenge without the help of a camera. To monitor the entire environment, the system basically consists of four close-up cameras: two are integrated into the exterior mirror on each side of the vehicle, the front grille allows for the installation of a camera at the front, and an additional camera films the rear from the tailgate.
The lenses are fish-eye cameras with a wide angle of 190 degrees for wide coverage. The four images are electronically merged and adjusted to create a single coherent image. Using a control unit, a 360-degree panoramic view is created, and the projection of your vehicle is included in the image. For the system to be functional, ultrasonic sensors mounted on the outside of the vehicle body also calculate the distance to given objects or obstacles.
Vehicles that are also equipped with Side View have two additional cameras in the front fenders to make it easier to see cross-traffic on low-visibility roads. In addition, the front camera reads roadside signs, which are then displayed on your dashboard.

Parking has never been so easy 

Using various parameters, such as steering wheel angle, speed and vehicle dimensions, dynamic guidance lines on the screen make parking easier. Depending on whether you are driving forwards or backwards, the images automatically switch from one camera to the other; the system also allows you to switch between the different views as desired.
Using this technology, kerbs can be safely avoided, protecting tyres and rims. It also makes it easier to hitch and manoeuvre with a trailer. Automotive accessories also include adapter systems for motorhomes.
The Surround View camera also supports other assistance systems, such as the fully automatic parking assistant, and will be another component of autonomous driving in the future. However, drivers have to bear in mind that even a Surround View camera system is only intended as a driving aid and does not in any way relieve the driver of responsibility.


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