23rd edition of the ACL Classic Tour

Another success for the ACL Classic Tour, which took place on Ascension Thursday, 9 May, in summery weather.

Published on 13/05/2024, updated on 14/05/2024

Oldtimers back on the road

Bugatti, Triumph, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Chevrolet… Parked in the ACL car park in Bertrange, almost 150 crews took part in this tour worthy of a museum on wheels, with a wide range of vehicles from the youngest oldtimers to the oldest cars dating back to the 1930s. The oldest participant was a 1932 Amilcar M2 Special.

From 9.01am, the crews set off on a 236.66km route designed by Ed Goedert and kept secret until D-Day. The route was rich in pastoral landscapes and often confidential locations. The ride took in Gosseldange, Bissen, Niederfeulen, Bamhaff, Bourscheid, Haarderbaach, Dahl, Merholtz, Wilwerwiltz, Enscherange, Weiswampach and Lieler. The latter hosted the lunch stop.

In the afternoon, the ride continued through Heinerscheid, Hupperdange, Urspelt, Reuler, Munshausen, Siebenaler, Hosingen, Obereisenbach, Stolzenburg, Bettendorf, Moestroff, Ermsdorf and Nommern, before arriving at the Parc Alvisse hotel at around 6pm.

This last meeting provided an opportunity to debrief the day over a convivial dinner and to say goodbye until next year.

ACL would like to thank the event’s sponsors: Autopolis, Carshine, City Concorde and Shell.

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