A facelift for the ACL fleet

Published on 11/06/2024

Mercedes Vito : The new tool of the "Service Routier"

Easily recognizable on Luxembourg’s roads, ACL’s iconic yellow vans have a new look with the arrival of six Mercedes Vito’s. Let’s dive into their preparation.

As part of its commitment to staying at the cutting edge, ACL regularly updates its fleet of assistance vehicles. Today, the Club has acquired six brand-new Mercedes Vito vans. “The Vito is used to ensure on-site mobility for minor breakdowns and incidents like flat tires, battery failures, and even bike assistance,” explains Tom Kridel, Road Service Manager. In other words, these new vehicles are ready to handle all your minor roadside issues.

More Space, More Equipment

Compared to their predecessors, the VW Caddie, the new vans offer a range of improvements. They are especially capable of addressing a wider variety of tricky situations, whether you’re on two or four wheels. The Vito’s come equipped with a bicycle rack and two spare wheels (16” and 17”), compared to just one in previous models. “Every inch of the van is utilized. Everything is optimized to offer the best service to our members,” adds Tom Kridel. The compatibility of the universal spare wheels with the vast majority of cars on the road is also a significant advantage in terms of intervention efficiency. The goal of the Vito is simple: to restore the mobility of the member as quickly as possible.

An Investment in Quality

The Mercedes Vito’s are packed with technology: rearview cameras, GPS, sensors, emergency call functions and LED lights – they have it all. The Road Service’s choice was deliberate, balancing technical capabilities and everyday comfort while maintaining a controlled budget. Each model costs €55,000, with an additional €13,000 for the custom storage box inside and €6,000 for the equipment in the vehicle. It’s a significant investment but necessary to maintain a high level of service. “With the modern and comfortable Mercedes cockpit in our new vans, akin to a sports car, our technicians feel more at ease and relaxed on the road because they enjoy driving these vehicles,” explains Tom.

Custom Styling

ACL’s new vans feature a modernized design. “We aimed to create a visual identity in harmony with the recent graphic charter launched a few weeks ago,” says Odile, responsible for visual communications and vehicle livery. “I work closely with the Road Service to determine the placement and constraints associated with the lettering. This involves several days of thought and discussion.” Each vehicle sports the Arc Europe logo, the ACL coat of arms as well as the emergency contact number. A “Made in Luxembourg” label highlights the local origin, while speed lines in the colors of the Luxembourg flag add dynamism and movement. The stickers, mostly mass-dyed and digitally cut, are applied manually, taking account of each vehicle’s specific constraints. “Some stickers are mandatory, such as the blind spot sticker on trucks or the reflective stickers,” adds Odile.

Training and Skills

Thanks to rigorous training, ACL agents will be even more effective with reliable, well-maintained, and versatile tools and vehicles. With the arrival of the new Vito’s, ACL will continue to assist its members and maintain a high satisfaction rate. Four Vito’s are already operational, and two more are being fitted out and will soon be ready to serve you on the road. These new ACL vans represent a significant step forward in roadside assistance. By investing in modern, fully equipped vehicles, ACL is once again demonstrating its commitment to its members and its desire to provide an ever more innovative and efficient service.

The Fleet in Numbers

Comprised of 31 vehicles, including 12 trucks, 11 vans, five delivery vans, and three 4x4s suitable for all types of assistance, the ACL fleet responded 46,186 times in 2023 in Luxembourg and Europe. In 81.89% of cases, the Road Service succeeded in resolving the breakdown, enabling the assisted person to get back on the road as quickly as possible. To note, the most frequent interventions in 2023 involved batteries (9 177 interventions) and tires (6 590 interventions). That same year, ACL vehicles covered a total of 1 524 265 km, which is equivalent to 38 times around the planet!

By Max Jung