Volvo XC60 T6

Published on 28.03.2022

A trendy swedish best-seller

Having been Volvo’s best-selling model since 2009, the XC60 is starting the year with a facelift. The changes are not just cosmetic, as is soon evident when you take a look beneath the bonnet at the new T6 PHEV engine. So, let's hit the road.

By the end of 2020, Volvo had sold more than 1.68 million units of its flagship SUV worldwide. More than ten years after its launch, the XC60 remains the most popular car in the mid-size premium SUV segment in Europe.

In terms of safety, the XC60 is now fitted with Volvo's latest ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensor platform, an active safety system consisting of a combination of radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, helping to ensure complete peace of mind on the road. With its ability to detect other road users and its automatic braking and collision avoidance systems, ADAS is a driver’s major ally, especially when it comes to manoeuvring the car’s two tonnes of bodyweight despite the 350hp that drives it. The XC60 T6 is quite comfortable in urban environments thanks to its precision steering and a very good turning radius, and comes with up to 19-inch wheels. You'll also have to exercise great concentration when it comes to kerbside parking.

As with the Swedish brand’s other models, the interior of the XC60 has also undergone a number of major changes. Gone is the real leather, replaced now with more sustainable materials that offer the same luxury appearance. New year, new look. The designers have given the XC60 a number of upgrades, including a new grille, new front bumpers and new body colour and wheel options.

Image source: ©Volvo

350 hp / 350 Nm - 4x4
1.0 - 1.3 L / 100 km WLTP
CO2 emissions
23 - 30 g CO2/km WLTP
717 km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
0-100 km/h
in 5.7 s
€60,195 base price

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