Honda CR-V hybride 4WD: A safe bet

Published on 07/03/2024

Honda CR-V hybride 4WD: A safe bet

More evolution than revolution. The latest-generation Honda CR-V is available with two engines, the first a hybrid, the second a plug-in hybrid.

The top-of-the-range Japanese SUV is available in two- or four-wheel drive versions, with a range of between 828 and 960km.

The design has evolved subtly to incorporate a mesh grille, adaptive LED headlights, sequential indicators, 18-inch wheels in all trim levels and a rather unusual rear light design.

Inside, it’s a pretty low-key affair; everything is well fitted and the perceived quality is flawless. The honeycomb grille that houses the ventilation system is worth a special mention,

while the multimedia system is easy to use, with wireless compatibility with AppleCarPlay and AndroidAuto. We also really liked the 15W induction charger, which incorporates a cooling system.

There’s plenty of room up front, too, and the seats can be electric, heated and even ventilated. The rear, meanwhile, is extremely spacious, with heated seats that can be reclined to several positions.

The quality of the shock absorbers, combined with the efforts made to improve the soundproofing of the passenger compartment, help ensure a very comfortable silence on every journey, though this can sometimes be interrupted by the numerous driving aids fitted. And with good reason, of course.

Designed for heavy towing

Putting your foot to the floor will remind you that this is an automatic gearbox that doesn’t like to be pushed too hard, or at least that’s not its main objective, especially with a vehicle weighing at least 1,754kg. The four-wheel drive hybrid version consumes a modest 5.1 litres of fuel, which is more than decent for this category of vehicle.

The plug-in hybrid version will allow you to travel up to 81km on exclusively electric power, and charging takes just 2.5 hours at a public charging point thanks to its 17.7kWh battery and 6.8kW built-in charger. This version also has a towing mode that enables it to tow between 650 and 1,500kg.

With the hybrid version, however, you can expect just half of that. You’ll also be able to carry up to 82.6kg of goods on the roof, or alternatively opt for a panoramic opening glass roof.

By Julien Di Luigi