Motorhome: hit the road with peace of mind

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Published on 04/04/2024

Motorhome: hit the road with peace of mind thanks to AXA motorhome insurance

A motorhome is the ideal way to get away from it all. For a short break or a weeks-long odyssey, the motorhome holds the promise of exciting discoveries without skimping on your creature comforts.

One of the many advantages is that the world is your oyster, which means you can follow your instincts and change your itinerary according to the people you meet and the places you fall in love with. What’s more, your motorhome is pet-friendly, so your companion can follow you wherever you go.

On the Road

Once you’re on the road, the motorhome becomes a mobile home from home. With its fully equipped kitchen, cosy bunks and well-thought-out living space, everything is designed to make you feel at home.

  • Do I need a special licence to drive a motorhome? Most motorhomes do not require a special driving licence.

Flexibility and Discovery

One of the greatest attractions of motorhoming is the freedom it offers.

  • How can you ensure your own safety and that of your possessions when travelling in a motorhome, particularly when parking overnight in unfamiliar areas? It’s important to note that wild camping is banned in most European countries. This means you need to make sure you get to a campsite or car park that is authorised for motorhomes.
  • If you’re travelling between May and September, it’s best to book your pitch a few days in advance. Nothing could be easier. There are plenty of resources that help you find the right spots and benefit from the advice and opinions of the community. One of the most popular is the Park4Night

Hit the road with peace of mind, in Luxembourg and abroad, thanks to AXA motorhome insurance.

Properly insuring your motorhome, its occupants and all its contents allows you to leave without a care in the world, ready for anything.

Discover truly comprehensive cover that protects you, your motorhome, your possessions and your passengers. And to help you on your way, we’re giving you a 40% discount on your insurance premium regardless of the package you choose. 

Head off to new adventures!

A motorhome holiday is an invitation to discover yourself and the world. It offers time out from our hectic lifestyles, a chance to go back to basics and a unique way of creating enduring memories. With insurance protection tailored to your motorhome, its occupants and its contents