What's your next destination?

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Published on 04/04/2024

What's your next destination?

Ford’s exclusive new Nugget Trail models are designed for the most intrepid motorhome drivers, with stylish looks, improved interior design and features, and enhanced off-road capability.

All Nugget Trail models come as standard with front swivel seats and a rear bench seat upholstered in hard-wearing black leather, a dining table, premium wood flooring and white kitchen units. The automatic tilting roof includes windows to allow plenty of natural light and ventilation in the living area. The Nugget Trail is equipped with a new colour touch control panel mounted on the rear cabinet. This panel also controls the standard water boiler, which provides hot water for the kitchenette tap and external shower.

Bearing in mind that not all Nugget customers are used to driving motorhome-sized vehicles, Ford equips all variants with a range of driver assistance systems.

Rent or buy your Transit Custom Nugget at Ford Luxmotor.