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Hyundai Tucson HEV 2021

Published on 06.10.2021

Korean Bestseller gets even better

Today we are testing the 4th generation of one of Hyundai’s most successful models. The Tucson has sold over 7 million units.

Hyundai provided us with a HEV version for this test, i.e. a self-charging hybrid, in an over-equipped “Shine” version.
The exterior styling is truly original and stands out from the competition. The look is very appealing and definitely eye-catching. The front end is particularly well designed with LED lights hidden in the grille.
Inside, there is plenty of space both front and rear. The quality of the materials is flawless and the trim is meticulous. The boot offers plenty of space, and it is accessible and well-designed, but the height of the load sill can sometimes be a problem. The split bench seat can be folded down from the boot and provides a total volume of almost 1800 litres.
At the wheel, the Tucson is very pleasant and much more agile than its size would suggest. Its moderate weight (1560 kg) is certainly a factor in this. It’s a lot of fun to drive on backroads and the overall comfort of this model, with its excellent suspension, is very good. The car is equipped with an arsenal of driving aids; one of the most practical is the camera-based blind-spot view monitor (BVM).

In relaxed or active (but not sporty) driving, the Tucson demonstrates excellent fuel economy, falling below 6 L/100 km. The only thing that makes it more fuel-hungry is motorway driving (over 7 L/100 km).
When needed, the performance is clearly there, even if you’re not buying a hybrid SUV to do laps on the track. The greatest benefit of this configuration is experienced in smooth driving. This is when the smoothness of the automatic transmission works wonders.
This Hyundai Tucson is truly an achievement. It has a lot going for it in terms of design, road holding, moderate appetite, equipment, trim and build quality.

Technical data sheets: 

Power/torque/gearbox 230 hp / 265 Nm / 6-speed automatic 
Consumption 5,7 L / 100 km WLTP
COemissions 131 g CO2 / km WLTP 
Range approx. 800 km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 0 - 100 km / h in 8 s
Base price 39.045 € VAT  


+ -
  • Overall simplicity
  • Original, successful design
  • On-board space
  • Build and trim quality
  • Fully kitted out
  • Highway mileage
  • No speed governor
  • Boot height in certain situations
  • Reaction time in the event of sudden acceleration

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