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Ensuring a harmonious return to normality

Published on 19.07.2021

When you go away on holiday, you will usually be leaving your home empty. Save yourself any unpleasant surprises by taking our advice on board.

Many of you will be spending at least a few days relaxing away from home this summer, enjoying a well-deserved change of scenery that should allow you to really switch off and relax, including when the time comes to head home.

Luckily, you need not worry this time. You are ready to hit the road! The luggage has been loaded into the boot, you have turned the water off, the shutters are down, the doors are locked, you have unplugged the electrical appliances, the bins are out, you have done the dishes... basically, you have got it all covered. Or have you?

Did you remember to let the Grand-Ducal Police know that you would be away? Holiday-makers have had the option of registering online or over the phone for the Départ en vacances (‘Holiday getaway’) police prevention service for a number of years now. The service, which is free for citizens, will see that your home address is included on the patrols carried out by officers on the ground for the duration of your absence.
“To be completely open and honest, we are not promising to drive by your house three times a day, but it is important to designate a contact person who will have a set of keys to your property while you are away. If our officers notice anything unusual at your home, that person will be contacted to take a look around the property”, explains Tim Pauly, First Commissioner of the National Crime Prevention Service of the Grand Ducal Police.
ACL members also got to benefit from his valuable advice during a crime prevention day held at our car park in Bertrange, a service that was very well received by Andrea, who has been an ACL member for over thirty years. “I think it’s great. I’ve been a member for a long time and I’ve always appreciated the services offered. For me, the ACL is like insurance— you can pay out for years without really using it, and then one day, when you least expect it, it’s there when you really need it, like the day I got a flat battery. I have everything from you, including ACL Assistance Home”, she explains.

Damn! You have barely been back five minutes and... Hello, ACL?

On that note, it is lucky that you, too, in your infinite wisdom, thought to take out ACL Assistance Home cover before you set off on holiday.   Your washing machine has just given up the ghost and you have a fortnight's worth of dirty laundry to get through...

As an ACL member, simply call +352 26000 to notify our call management centre and they will be on hand day and night, both during the week and at weekends, to find the right tradesman to get the problem sorted as quickly as possible.

If you have also gone for the partial coverage of costs option (for just €30 per year), the ACL will reimburse you for part of the labour costs. To claim your reimbursement, simply send the receipt for the work to the ACL. Cover for labour costs is, however, limited to €500 a year and a maximum of 2 call-outs a year. Any spare parts and materials required to repair the appliance cannot be reimbursed.

For more information please email us at or call us on +352 450045-1.


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