ACL for an assistance like no other

Published on 17.10.2022

We are more than a roadside assistance service, we are a club on a human scale, and you are not a customer but a member. And each of our services is unique to ACL and always includes "that little bit extra" that makes the difference.

ACL is the mobility club for all motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians in the Greater Region. In addition to its advisory role, it offers a wide range of services, benefits and assistance extending far beyond simple breakdown assistance, to make the daily life of each of our members easier and more pleasant.

To illustrate the variety of areas in which we assist you and to highlight the differences that make us strong (the "little extras" of ACL), here is a summary of the reasons why our 194,000 members have trusted us for over 90 years:
Roadside assistance With the ACL Elsewhere
If your car breaks down, the ACL will repair it and get you back on the road

  • 24/7 assistance
  • Assistance provided even if you’re at home
  • On-the-spot repairs in 88% of cases
  • Drop-off at the garage of your choice if towing is required
  • 0 km assistance as an optional extra
  • No on-the-spot repairs
  • Towing to the nearest garage only
eCall and geolocalisation With the ACL Elsewhere
Speed and accuracy of location
  • With the ACL App and eCall Mobile, you can alert us by clicking on a button and we will locate you
  • Your call will be taken with priority
  • The operator has immediate access to all your data
  • You will need to answer a series of preliminary questions before a breakdown case can be opened
Full multilingual welcome and assistance With the ACL Elsewhere
A personalised and full support in the language of your choice
  • Our support centre staff can assist you in 7 different languages; In a distressing situation, you’ll be able to express yourself in your mother tongue
  • The assistance is personalised, and all the steps are organised for you or explained to you step by step
  • No multi-language guarantee
  • Reimbursement is taken care of but often no personalised organisation of procedures
Europe-wide protection With the ACL Elsewhere
Europe-wide protection
  • We can provide breakdown assistance throughout Europe thanks to our network of partner clubs
  • If it’s not possible to repair your vehicle, we will ensure that the vehicle and its occupants are repatriated
  • Must be covered by an additional agreement or purchased as an optional extra
All everyday services With the ACL Elsewhere
There for you in your daily life
  • Bike Assistance
  • Assistance Home
  • Traffic information
  • Tourism and customised route planning information
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Services often not provided within the basic contract
Avantages et réductions With the ACL Elsewhere
Exclusive benefits for our members
  • Discounts and preferential rates from our partners (sports equipment, hotels, car maintenance, equipment, theme parks, etc.)
  • 10% reduction on all items from the ACL Shop
  • Exclusive trips at specially negotiated rates
  • Services often not provided within the basic contract
Car rental With the ACL Elsewhere
Easy rental with ACL Clubmobil
  • Short and long-term rental of vehicles of all types and sizes, as well as electric bikes
  • Services often not provided within the basic contract
Expert advice on electro-mobility With the ACL Elsewhere
The transition to electro-mobility: we advise you
  • Objective and impartial advice on e-mobility
  • Opportunities to test-drive vehicles
  • ElectroLease private leasing service
  • Services often not provided within the basic contract
Clear rates and conditions With the ACL Elsewhere
Transparence and flexible options
  • No exclusion clauses in the small print - absolutely everything is included
  • Additional insurance (travel cancellation and health cover) on an ad hoc basis for the duration of your choice
  • Rates for all of the services included in the basic fee cannot compare with those of the ACL
  • Numerous exclusion clauses that vary from company to company
  • Rates and flexibility for additional insurance cannot compare with those of the ACL

If you are convinced, don't hesitate to ask for your membership card NOW to get 3 months free!
It's as easy as a click or a phone call (+352 450045-1) and if you prefer to meet us, we welcome you in our offices in Bertrange or Ingeldorf from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.


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