Cycling in the Grand Duchy

Published on 21/04/2022, updated on 15/03/2024

Peaceful pedalling

The fine weather is approaching and you have an irrepressible urge to get on your bike and hit the roads… And why not? After all, our beautiful country has so many marked routes.

In addition to the 600km of cycle paths dotted around the country, there have been many initiatives designed to make cycling easier in recent years. If you’ve set off on a long journey but want to stop off to visit one of our beautiful towns or cities without taking your bike with you, then fear not! There are Mbox bike storage facilities located close to many train stations.

Staying in the city, Luxembourg City and Esch both offer a subscription-based rental service for the many users who consider cycling a means of transport in its own right. The Müllerthal region is not to be outdone, either, with its own network ( also offering multiple rental points across the region.

Our top 2 routes

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or an occasional amateur, everyone has their own idea of what makes a good bike ride. We’ve put together a small selection. The first suggestion is courtesy of yours truly. As a pretty average sportswoman who enjoys nature but is also a very keen lover of art and the city, I’d recommend this effortless route that’s rich in heritage and explores Luxembourg City. Ideally to be enjoyed on a beautiful spring morning, the UNESCO circuit explores some 9.5km of the Pétrusse valley, the Grund, Clausen and Pfaffenthal districts, etc.

Our second suggestion comes from national champion Andy Schleck, who has been a cycling enthusiast since his childhood and can be found riding 60 or even 120km on a nice day! So what’s his favourite route? Starting from Schengen, take the PC3 cycle track that runs along the Moselle and then the Sûre to Echternach. Why? Just because it’s a nice, easy route on a cycle track that’s easily suitable for the whole family and is great for exploring some beautiful landscapes. Happy cycling!

The Bed+Bike option

The Bed+Bike seal is the result of a cooperative initiative between the Ministry of Tourism and the LVI (Lëtzebuerger VëlosInitiativ). What is it? The seal is awarded to establishments that welcome cyclists, from luxury hotels to family-run inns and campsites and offer bike storage facilities and a heated room where you can hang wet clothes up to dry, among other things.

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