"Being a trusted partner to members at every stage of their lives"

Published on 12/12/2023, updated on 12/03/2024

"Being a trusted partner to members at every stage of their lives"

ACL Director Jean-Claude Juchem reveals the outlook for the year ahead.

How will the ACL be positioning itself in 2024?

Jean-Claude Juchem: Just as we’ve done over the past year, we will continue to develop our services to further strengthen our position as a mobility club. As a mobility club, the ACL is committed to continuing to offer a wide range of services focusing on mobility and assistance at all stages of our members’ lives. We’re going to give real meaning to the term ‘mobility’.

What is your definition of mobility?

Jean-Claude Juchem: Mobility means keeping our members on the move, and not just in their cars. It encompasses roadside assistance, which is our core business, as well as expertise and advice to help them make the best possible choices, be it in choosing their next car, travel destination or even child seat. Out on the road, our mission is to ensure that our members are kept mobile, either through rapid breakdown assistance or by providing a courtesy car, and this offer extends to motorcyclists, van and campervan drivers, and even cyclists. Off the road, meanwhile, we know that unexpected twists and turns in everyday life can hinder mobility, and domestic emergencies and the need to find a plumber, locksmith or heating engineer can quickly become an obstacle course. That’s why we’ve developed our Home Assistance service, which helps members find a trusted partner via the ACL, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What new developments can we expect from the ACL in 2024?

Jean-Claude Juchem: There will be added value for our members, helping them save money and protect their purchasing power. There’s the ACL Fuelpass card in partnership with Shell, for example, which saves members 3.5 cents per litre. For someone who does 25,000km a year, that’s a saving of 85 euros – almost the annual cost of an ACL membership card. We’re also going to continue to develop our local policy, particularly in Ingeldorf and Mondercange, and we’re going to try and establish a presence in the country’s shopping centres. Then there’s our Mobility Academy, through which we’ll be offering training for our employees so that they can acquire new skills that will benefit our members and companies. It’s also worth remembering that the car fleet is ageing and therefore more exposed to the risk of breaking down. ACL members and companies will get to benefit from the association’s valuable expertise in the fields of technology, traffic information, safety, purchasing advice and decarbonised mobility, as well as support in the day-to-day issues associated with individual mobility, regardless of the means of transport, since we support people rather than vehicles. We see ourselves as a trusted partner focusing on mobility and assistance for our members at every stage of their lives.