Spring and summer dreams: our exclusive travel offers!

Published on 13/02/2024, updated on 18/04/2024

Spring and summer dreams: our exclusive travel offers!

Are you already gripped by travel fever for the spring and summer ahead? Many of our members’ trips invite you to dream and promise a great escape from everyday life!

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of one of our last-minute offers. How about a sunny trip to Andalusia or exotic Namibia, for example?
Wherever your journey takes you, we wish you a pleasant and relaxing time!

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We hope you enjoy reading this and discovering new things!
Marta, ACL Member Travel Service


Spain’s fiery south
Join ACL on a tour of Andalusia’s most beautiful cities. Here you’ll discover Spain’s cultural roots in their purest form. The Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba and the Giralda in Seville are all architectural milestones in the history of mankind. In addition to cultural highlights such as Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda and Seville, magnificent landscapes and Mediterranean culinary delights await you.

Dates: 05 – 22.03.2024 (D), 28.09 – 05.10.2024 (F), 05 – 12.10.2024 (F)
Price: from €1,710 in a double room

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A bridge between Europe and Asia
Georgia is a little paradise steeped in history! Discover the cultural treasures and multi-faceted landscapes of this jewel halfway between the two continents. And while you’re there, you’ll also get to know Georgian viticulture, including wine tasting.

Dates: 13 – 21.06.2024 (D)
Price: from €2,449 in a double room

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The dream and beauty of Africa
If you’re looking for peace and quiet and nature, if you love exceptional landscapes, deserts and endless spaces, Namibia will be an unmissable destination for you. Visit one of Africa’s most fascinating countries, with endless natural beauty: deep canyons carved out over millions of years, strange mountain ranges, world-famous dunes, splendid desert landscapes and incredible wildlife.

Dates: 17 – 29.06.2024 (D)
Price: from €3,395 in a double room

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Natural wonders, culture and history
Discover Brazil at its best. On this tour, you’ll visit one of Brazil’s most beautiful and colourful colonial cities: Salvador de Bahia. Another highlight of the trip is a visit to Iguaçu Falls, arguably the most powerful waterfall in the world. After this unique spectacle, you’ll visit the carnival capital, bursting with vitality: Rio de Janeiro.

Dates: 01 – 10.07.2024 (D), 02 – 11.09.2024 (F)
Price: from €4,000 in a double room

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