Vignettes and tolls in Austria

Regulation of motorways in Austria

It should be noted that some motorway sections are exempt from both vignette and toll charges. For example, in Tyrol the A12 Inntal motorway section (from the Kiefersfelden border crossing to Kufstein-Süd) and in Vorarlberg the A14 (from the border crossing to Diepoldsau-Hohenems).

The vignette for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes is available in digital form and as an adhesive vignette.

The adhesive vignette is available from ACL and there are three different validity periods:

  • 10 days: €11.50 (car), €4.60 (motorbike)
  • 2 months: €28.90 (car), €11.50 (motorbike)
  • 1 year: €96.40 (car)

Note: For non-members there is an additional charge of €2.50 (incl. VAT) per vignette.
The vignettes for the following year are available from 1 December.

The digital vignette is linked to the vehicle’s licence plate number and can be purchased online. When buying online, there is a consumer protection period of 18 days, which you should take into account when purchasing.

It can be ordered online from ASFINAG’s online shop or via their app.

Buy a digital vignette

Vehicles over 3.5t use an electronic toll system.

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