Low emission zones in France

To drive in an environmental zone in France, it is necessary to purchase the Crit’Air environmental sticker, which is subject to a charge. This sticker is divided into six categories, which are identified by different colours and numbers (0-5). The category of the Crit’air vignette depends on the type of vehicle, the Euro emission standard and the date of first registration.

Crit'air vignettes

The ZFE-m (Zones à faible émissions mobilité) are permanent and apply to cities and large metropolitan areas. These zones exist in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice, Reims, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulouse, among others.
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The temporary environmental zones only apply temporarily if certain concentrations of air pollutants are exceeded in accordance with the regulations of the respective department. This information will be announced in the media (newspapers, television, radio) before 7 pm the day before.
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Vehicles with the highest pollutant emissions and vehicles that are "unclassified" are not allowed to enter the environmental zones, which vary depending on the city or region.

Mandatory national exemptions apply to vehicles of general interest (police, gendarmerie, fire brigade, ambulances, etc.), military vehicles and vehicles with a parking permit for persons with reduced mobility. Additional exemptions can be authorised by the mayor of the city or region concerned, e.g. for vintage cars.

  • As temporary low emission zones are difficult to predict, it is advisable to order the Crit’Air vignette in good time.

It costs €4.76 including tax and can only be ordered online on the official French government website.

  • It is important to note that other commercial websites offer the Crit’Air vignette at higher prices, so caution is advised.

Driving within an environmental zone without a vignette is punishable by a fine of €68 to €375.

German environmental stickers are not recognised in France.

The Crit’Air vignette remains valid as long as it is legible, throughout the entire French territory.

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