Swarovski Kristallwelten

Swarovski and its unique waterfall

For over a century now, the Swarovski name has been an emblem of quality and creativity throughout the world. In the town of Watten, in Tyrol, this crystal world is born from a fusion of art and science. As soon as they arrive, visitors understand they are entering a magical place. They discover different artists’ creations, such as André Heller and Paul Seide, and admire different works of art, kaleidoscopes, lights, and calligraphies all adorning the intoxicating beauty of crystals’ diffracted colours. Whether in the spectacular showrooms or in the park and its unique waterfall, we enter the world of Swarovski, the world’s first cut crystals manufacturer.


  • 15% discount on the entry price.
  • Free entry for the children until 12 years which are acompanied by their parents.