Lëlljer Gaart - Park Sënnesräich

Explore your senses!

Welcome to Park Sënnesräich!

Park Sënnesräich leisure and educational park, located in the small, picturesque village of Lullange to the north of the Luxembourg Ardennes region, was designed with the aim of encouraging visitors to explore their senses and offers a series of activities to help us better understand how our 5 senses work and put them to the test. The Park offers various attractions, both indoor and out, that are sure to appeal to both young and old alike.

Inside, the 5 senses room is of particular interest to children as it provides a fun opportunity for them to learn how their various senses interact. Whether visiting as a family or with a group, you are guaranteed a warm welcome here.

The outdoor areas of the park, meanwhile, consist of a large garden complete with play area, maze and a ‘barefoot’ path. Parents and accompanying adults have not been overlooked, either; indeed, what better way to pass the time whilst the children let off some steam in the play area than with a nice cup of coffee on the beautiful terrace of the Bistro Sënnesräich, enjoying the panoramic views across the outer side of the park.

Park Sënnesräich is part of the Lëlljer Gaart cooperative society that provides paid work for those with mental disabilities.
The entire site is wheelchair and pushchair-friendly and disabled parking spaces are available in front of the main entrance.