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The second-hand market - what to look out for

The used car sector is growing all the time, so it’s important to take the time to compare the various offers carefully. ACL is here to support and advise you throughout this process.

When you’re thinking of selling your own used car or buying a new one, it’s crucial to take certain precautions beforehand.

Estimating the value of a vehicle

Estimating the value of a used car is crucial before buying or selling. ACL uses the Eurotax valuation, taking into account the make, model, type, special equipment, mileage and date of first registration. Valuations from private buyers and garages are also useful for negotiation.

Technical condition also plays a major role in determining value. ACL recommends having the vehicle tested by the Diagnostic Center before signing the contract. This service issues a certificate of inspection for each car tested, inspiring confidence and helping to obtain a better price.

Create an ad for a vehicle

Selling a used car is often done via an online sales site. Before placing your ad online, it is advisable to :

  • Photograph the vehicle after it has been thoroughly cleaned both inside and out.
  • The ACL, in partnership with the website, introduces the ad accompanied by the photos as well as the words “Verified by the ACL-Diagnostic Center”. Interested parties will then be able to contact the seller directly, who will be able to present the full inspection certificate.

It is also important to ensure that you have the vehicle papers, service booklet, operating instructions, radio code and keys.

Test drive

For the purchaser the following points are particularly important during the trial:

    • Does the engine start easily?
    • Is there any play in the steering?
    • Are there any strange noises to be heard?
    • Be careful about the colour of the exhaust smoke: white = water consumption, blue = oil consumption.
    • Is the gearbox running smoothly, are the gears shifting smoothly?
    • Be aware of unusual vibrations during braking.
    • Avoid excessive play in the steering wheel.
    • Does the car pull to one side when braking?
    • Are the on-board instruments operational?
    • Check that the air conditioning, heating, central locking, alarm, radio, seat adjustment mechanism, etc.

are working properly.

The sales contract

In order to formalise all agreements relating to the purchase or sale of a used vehicle, ACL provides drivers with a standard sales contract available in French, German, English and Portuguese. This contract will be issued in duplicate. It is also essential for the buyer to check that the seller is the true owner as stated on the vehicle registration document.

If the interested customer wishes to take the car for a test drive, it is advisable to accompany them to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Finally, it’s best to hand over the keys to the vehicle only after payment has been made.

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