Update your GARMIN GPS unit

At ACL, we’re committed to providing our members with the best possible driving experience.

That’s why we offer updates for your GARMIN GPS exclusively for the car and motorhome models sold in our shop.

Updating your Garmin GPS unit

Our range of GPS units available for sale are designed to meet the specific needs of car and motorhome drivers.

– Member price: €16
– Non-member price: €25

Updates are essential

Updates are important to ensure that you benefit from the latest routes, a more stable system and fewer bugs.
We recommend an update every 6 months for the best possible experience.

An update that takes varying amounts of time

The duration of the update varies between 20 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the number of missed updates. However, investing time in these updates will ensure that your device works at its best.
Our IT expert is there to make sure your devices are properly updated.

Booking is easy

When you visit the ACL shop, simply fill in a form with your details. Our team will contact you as soon as the update has been completed, ensuring you get your GARMIN device back quickly and ready to guide you on new adventures.
Enjoy peace of mind with our GARMIN updates and quality GPS products.

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