Partnering with local authorities and the government

ACL, through its actions and with almost 200,000 members, is a key partner for public sector players in Luxembourg.

We act at different levels to make mobility safer, more affordable and sustainable for everyone. Training and information are at the heart of our public action.

We relay the concerns and expectations of road users and, in a constructive spirit, we contribute to and participate in the public debate by publishing and relaying studies and surveys.

Participation in studies and pilot projects

As a major player in individual mobility, ACL is developing “Mobility as a Service” (MAAS) services in partnership with local authorities and the State. For example, we helped develop the Elmen eco-village concept in the municipality of Kehlen.

We are developing Cargo Bike Sharing pilot projects to develop alternative modes of transport. We are also proposing the installation of maintenance points for bicycles, most recently in the municipality of Grevenmacher.


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Conférences Electromobilité

Take part in an electromobility conference near you

At a time when choosing a vehicle is becoming increasingly complicated due to a multitude of factors (technology, increasing number of models and makes, regulations, etc.) ACL provides information to help you make the best choice.

We organise conferences across the country in partnership with local authorities, which are free to attend, whether or not you are an ACL member.

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Installation of bicycle repair stations

In partnership with the local authorities, ACL is installing repair facilities to promote and facilitate the use of bicycles.

Training courses

As part of the ACL Academy, we offer training courses for professionals, fleet managers and first-aiders called upon to intervene on vehicles involved in accidents.

More generally, we can offer training and awareness-raising initiatives on the theme of mobility for all ages.

We are also developing the profession of “Mobility Manager” through 3-day training courses in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg.

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Expertise at the service of local authorities

ACL regularly organises conferences and training courses on subjects relating to mobility. We are making our experts available and are offering a conference on the subject of electromobility.


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  • Our expertise at the service of the community

    Participation in public debates (e.g. “Fit for 55”, use of the inter-file, member surveys)

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Are you a public institution?

Would you like to work with ACL in the fields of assistance and mobility? Contact us to discuss your issues or objectives.

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