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Accidentology in Luxembourg: The ACL advocates an interdisciplinary approach

An accident and its degree of severity are the result of a combination of factors relating to the environment in which the accident takes place, the vehicles involved and the people concerned. An interdisciplinary approach is the only way to obtain a clear understanding of the accident, which can then be used to establish the most appropriate combination of measures, both preventive and repressive, for fighting this lack of safety on our roads.

  • The human factor

Distraction and failure to observe the highway code can cause accidents. Appropriate training can help to avoid them, or at least to react more appropriately in the event of a problem.

  • Vehicle-related factors

From technical problems to driving aids and even passive and active safety features, there are plenty of ways in which the vehicle can contribute as much to causing an accident as to protecting the user.

  • Infrastructure-related factors

From accident black spots and particularly forgiving infrastructures to fixed obstacles, dense traffic, lighting and signage, there are a lot of factors that can come into play when an accident occurs.
These days, at least some of the data required in order to adopt a global approach to analysing road accidents is already available in Luxembourg, but it is not centralised or examined from an interdisciplinary perspective. The first stage would therefore be to create a single database into which the various players involved in the wake of a road traffic accident feed and that experts can access for the purposes of performing independent scientific studies and analyses.
An analysis of Luxemburg’s road traffic accident figures would help to identify the most appropriate solutions to the actual problems identified from a scientific perspective rather than on the basis of presumed causes. When it comes to this type of study, it is not so much a matter of determining who is responsible and who should therefore deal with the consequences of the accident – that would be a matter for the police and legal system – but rather of understanding all of the mechanisms that led to the accident and its consequences. Data relating to accidents that take place both within Luxembourg and in other countries that use this type of database can be compared in order to obtain a better overview of the risk factors involved, particularly when the latter are based on a combination of events. This, in turn, would make it possible to identify the measures that will help improve safety on our roads.