Vignettes, tolls and environmental zones


Vignettes and tolls 

To be able to travel on the Austrian motorway network, whether by motorcycle or car (< 3.5 t), you will need a sticker that must be affixed to the windscreen.

At the ACL, you will be able to choose between three stickers, depending on the desired validity period.

  • 10 days: € 9.56 (car), € 5.60 (motorcycle)
  • 2 months: € 28.20 (car), € 14.10 (motorcycle)
  • 1 year: € 93.80 (car).
The 2023 stickers are available as from 1st December 2022.

Since November 2017, it has also been possible to order a digital vignette online une vignette digitale. Attention, if you choose the digital sticker, you must order it at least 18 days before your departure.
The sticker may not be sufficient for driving on Austrian roads. Indeed, the use of certain motorways or tunnels (e. g. S16 Arlbergtunnel, A13 Brenner Autobahn, A10 Tauerntunnel) requires an additional toll to be paid either on site or in advance by credit card via the "Streckenmaut" system on

Since 15 December 2019, five motorway sections in Austria have been toll-free.
A toll sticker is no longer required there. 

The exceptions concern the following stretches:



Last Update : 24 November 2022