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Dacia's first all-electric car comes in the form of a practical and highly economical mini-crossover. It is the perfect second car for the household for daily commuting.
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ACL ElectroLease

With the growing interest in electrified vehicles, the ACL Mobility Center has developed ACL ElectroLease, a simple, cost-effective, transparent and reliable electromobility solution. By joining forces with key partners for financing, operation and recharging, the ACL offers a unique ""One-Stop-Shop"" for individual electromobility in Luxembourg.

Thanks to its experts, who advise and accompany you in testing the vehicles on offer, ACL ElectroLease takes care of all the steps involved in choosing, acquiring and using an electric vehicle, right up to the end of the vehicle's ownership. 

ACL ElectroLease is a simple, flexible and responsible leasing solution for members who wish to choose electromobility with confidence.

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ACL ElectroLease is a partnership product of ACL, Spuerkeess, LeasePlan and Enovos

Offer Reserved for ACL members only

When subscribing to ACL ElectroLease, you will need to provide your ACL membership number. If you are not yet an ACL member, find out about all the services and benefits that the ACL membership card entitles you to.

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By taking in charge of all the steps involved in choosing, acquiring and using an electric vehicle, right up to the end of the vehicle's ownership, ACL ElectroLease offers a turnkey solution to facilitate access to electromobility. Included in the service are: all-inclusive private leasing with no deposit, ACL's consulting services in the field of electromobility, ACL 24/7 roadside assistance in Luxembourg and Europe,  3 days/year free rental of an internal combustion engine vehicle for long journeys, and an Enodrive Zen Europe charging card.

The battery technology of electric cars is constantly evolving and the many new models coming onto the market offer a variety of autonomy, which has a strong impact on prices. This particularity of the electric car represents an uncertainty as to its future resale value and may worry a potential buyer who is therefore reluctant to take the step. "This is why the leasing formula is particularly attractive for private customers, since by fixing the monthly payments for the entire duration of the contract, all costs are known and controlled from the outset," explains Antonio Da Palma Ferramacho, Head of Mobility Technologies at ACL.

Leasing is similar to long-term rental. The customer pays a monthly rent, the amount of which is fixed according to the value of the vehicle, the estimated annual mileage and the period of use. "Operational" leasing means that all items and services related to the maintenance and use of the vehicle (except for fuel or loading costs) are included in the rent. Included in this rate are: financing, purchase and registration, administrative procedures for the state "electric car" subsidy, maintenance, repairs, summer and winter tyre changes, taxes and insurance, and resale of the vehicle. A solution with no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs in the small print. 

The experts at the ACL Mobility Center have tested and selected the models offered by ACL ElectroLease on the basis of an advantageous investment, consumption and environmental footprint ratio. Based on the principle that current electric vehicle technology is currently better suited to urban and suburban use, ACL ElectroLease targets vehicles with a maximum battery capacity of 50 KWh in order to preserve natural resources. This technical choice translates into an average range of 150 to 300 km depending on the model, which is a sufficient distance to travel locally in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

ElectroLease is an electric car rental formula for private individuals, resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and holding an ACL Europe membership card.

Yes, only holders of the ACL Europe membership card can benefit from ElectroLease offers. If you are not yet a member, all you need to do is subscribe to the ACL Europe membership card for the duration of the ElectroLease contract. If you are already an ACL member, all you need to do is sign an amendment to your contract to authorise the automatic annual direct debit of your membership fee for the duration of your ElectroLease contract.

You can choose between 36 months, 48 months or 60 months.