An open door to synthetic fuels

Published on 15/03/2024

ACL Pro Fleet reports on the provisional agreements reached by the European Parliament and the Council at the end of October on the proposed new CO2 performance standards for cars and vans.

Last June, the European Parliament and the European Council adopted the Fit for 55 objective, which entails ending the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles in the European Union by 2035.

Since the autumn, discussions between the partners have been in full swing. While it appears that the objective of a “100% reduction in CO2 emissions” for new vehicles from 2035 will be maintained, the European Commission is expected to make a proposal shortly to allow the registration of vehicles running exclusively on CO2-neutral fuels after 2035. From ACL’s point of view, this would mean that the door remains open for synthetic fuels.

It should be noted that the 2026 review clause remains in place to assess the progress made in relation to the greenhouse gas reduction targets and the need to reconsider them in the light of technological advances.

A report on mobility expected by the end of 2025

Provisions for alternative fuel infrastructures have also been confirmed in terms of installed recharging capacity (3 kW per electric vehicle sold). In addition, Europe will eventually need a network of hydrogen filling stations every 100 km.

As with current stations, the pump price (in euros/kWh or euros/kg) will have to be clearly displayed, along with the availability of charging stations or pumps and the estimated waiting time.

By 31 December 2025 at the latest, and every two years thereafter, the Commission will draw up a report on the progress made towards zero-CO2 road mobility. It will assess the impact on consumers and employment, the affordability of zero- and low-emission vehicles, the second-hand vehicle market, the deployment of zero- and low-emission vehicles, as well as progress in terms of resale and recharging and refuelling infrastructures.

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