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The new ACL Pro Fleet membership package meets recent needs for support in managing company vehicles and mobility in general.

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ACL Pro Fleet subscription: Privileged access to company vehicle management

Thanks to a €350 per year subscription*, corporate fleet managers (fleet managers, HRDs, general departments, CFOs, etc.) can now actively participate in the activities and benefit from the specialist knowledge offered by ACL Pro Fleet.

*Registration to ACL Pro Fleet is exclusively reserved for corporate fleet managers with no commercial vocation in the automotive sector, holders of thecompany membership card. Acceptance for membership is subject to approval by the ACL Pro Fleet Steering Committee.

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Exclusive benefits for fleet managers

In addition to access to all ACL services and personalised advice on corporate mobility, the company’s fleet manager has access to ACL Pro Fleet information and activities:

  • A monthly newsletter in French and ad hoc communication of specialised information.
  • Events organised by ACL Pro Fleet (conferences or webinars on identified themes) constituting fantastic opportunities for networking and the exchange of good practices between corporate vehicle management professionals. You can find thefirst sessions, in free access. Future webinars and conferences will be accessible free of charge to ACL Pro Fleet members only.
  • An invitation to one event per year** (VIP invitations to trade shows, plant visits, etc.)
  • The fleet manager has the opportunity to test electric car models at ACL Clubmobil and to gather all the information needed to draw up its carbon footprint from the ACL Mobility Loft.
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** All events are subject to the vagaries of the health situation and the regulations in force.

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