Moovee: The rise of shared mobility

Published on 28/11/2023, updated on 15/03/2024

Judging by the growth in its business, Moovee – a shared mobility service – meets the need for more flexible, affordable and environmentally-friendly mobility. Sébastien Berthelot, the company’s CEO, explains the challenges facing Moovee and its shared mobility service.

A few years ago, Sébastien Berthelot had the intuition that, like the world of music, mobility would come through sharing and that each user would only pay for what they use, according to the model of a collaborative economy. Moovee, a sharing service dedicated to closed communities, is an implementation of this intuition.

Moovee began operations in 2018, with the ambition of becoming a major player in corporate mobility and the leading multimodal mobility portal. From the outset, it has relied on a major vehicle leaser, ALD Automotive. Sébastien Berthelot explains how it works: “The Moovee digital platform is dedicated to booking and optimally managing the sharing of a fleet of 250 vehicles, including cars of all engines as well as bicycles and scooters, so that users can see the availability of the different vehicles and easily book them for an hour or a day. It’s a real way of pooling needs. Thanks to the Moovee application, users can access the mobility of their choice from their smartphone in just a few clicks”.

Digitalisation and decarbonisation:

This flexibility of use also meets another objective: decarbonisation. Shared mobility gives consumers access to the mode of travel of their choice, without having to have their own means of transport. By proposing to reduce the number of private vehicles, this system is an alternative that can contribute to more responsible use in a spirit of sustainability. “With Moovee, we have made it possible to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, which makes our company part of a dual eco-responsible approach to sharing and sustainability”. The CEO also noted an acceleration in car-sharing post-Covid, which is becoming more and more commonplace. Having access to a car without having to deal with all the maintenance, traffic and parking problems is a significant benefit for companies and their employees. Some employees prefer a salary package to a personal vehicle,” adds Sébastien Berthelot, “which bodes well for the future expansion of Moovee’s services.

By Laure Stassin