"ACL Benefits fits in perfectly with our modernisation drive".

Published on 25/10/2023, updated on 15/03/2024

After Cocottes restaurants, you are the second company to put its trust in ACL by choosing ACL Benefits for your 130 employees. Why was Société nationale de contrôle technique (SNCT) convinced by this product?

We wanted to thank our employees for their daily commitment. Very quickly, we realised that the benefits of ACL Benefits were really interesting, both in terms of mobility assistance and the many advantages that the membership card can offer.

According to recent statistics, 1 in 4 employees will experience a breakdown on the road this year. Is the SNCT also keen to offer employees an extra safety net?

The mobility of our employees is one of our priorities. Being able to benefit from fast and efficient assistance, which is a habit for ACL, does indeed represent an additional safety net for our staff. But over and above mobility to work, having the ACL Europe membership card and therefore mobility assistance on the other side of the border is a significant advantage for our employees, who mainly come from Germany, both for the home-work journey and for personal activities.

How did SNCT employees react to the news?

A few weeks ago, we presented the idea to our staff at our summer barbecue, and it was very well received. Especially as the membership card also offers a number of services, such as discounts with certain ACL partners and services that go beyond mobility assistance.

Did the digital aspect of ACL also convince you?

With the membership card, our employees can also access the ACL mobile application (iOS and Android). This fits in perfectly with our drive to modernise, as we are in the process of digitising a large number of processes within the SNCT to offer our employees greater technological ease.