"Employees really appreciate the social return".


Published on 30/01/2024, updated on 15/03/2024

How did you find out about ACL Benefits and why did you take it out for all your employees?

Rudy Kech: To be completely honest, I wasn’t aware of this product offered by ACL. I heard about it by word of mouth. When we took a more serious look at it, we realised that ACL Benefits ticks a lot of very interesting boxes for our company, in a number of ways. Firstly, it allows us to offer security to our employees without discrimination. We have company cars, vans driven by our technicians and employees who come to the office in their private vehicles. The ACL package therefore enables us to offer the same service to all our employees in a uniform manner.

A second major advantage is ACL’s ability to repair electric vehicles. We are in the process of electrifying our entire fleet, from our company cars to our vans. We don’t think that this will happen, or that it will happen very rarely, but in the event of a breakdown, ACL has specific breakdown recovery resources for electric vehicles, including the recharging of an electric vehicle. It’s an extra guarantee of safety for our employees. It helps to reassure them during this transition to electric vehicles and therefore reduces stress.

Finally, in addition to breakdown services, ACL also offers members benefits. This gives our employees a bit more purchasing power, which is never insignificant.

How has this been received by your employees?

Patrick Marth: A small number of our employees were already ACL members. For them, this represents a cost saving on their private budget. For those who weren’t members, the welcome has been very good, particularly for our cross-border employees. On the way to work, with the traffic problems we have to deal with when coming to Luxembourg, this is a real advantage and, once again, a guarantee of safety.

What advice would you give to a company considering subscribing to this type of service?

Rudy Kech: It’s a package that combines security and increased purchasing power. At Brunata-Metrona, we believe that this type of investment, which is relatively small, has a societal return that is really appreciated by employees.

In a few words, can you tell us about your company?

Patrick Marth: Marth Group specialises in optimising resources and reducing the carbon footprint of property assets, for the benefit of their managers and occupiers. Marth Group is rich in know-how, expertise and innovation, and is nourished by the values that drive us, starting with respect for people and the environment. The group includes the companies Brunata-Metrona Luxembourg, E-Trash, SmartMetering systems, etc. For over 40 years, Brunata-Metrona has been developing and marketing innovative technological products and solutions, including devices for measuring energy and water consumption, smart meters, smoke detectors, etc. E-trash is our subsidiary dedicated to optimised waste management, offering the first connected waste bin created in Luxembourg based on the “polluter pays” principle. SmartMetering systems is our subsidiary dedicated to smart metering and electromobility.