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Electric vehicles 2020


People have been talking about electric and hybrid cars for years but the fact is that, until now, there hasn’t been much choice on the market. Times are changing, and to prove it to you, ACL has decided to produce a list of electric cars* (electric, hybrid, rechargeable hybrid and even fuel cell) currently available for sale in Luxembourg. 

This list is all the more important because the Government has decided to extend incentives for buying new 100% electric (€5,000) and rechargeable hybrid cars <51 g/km CO2 (€2,500) for 2020. So, we contacted the various car marques in Luxembourg for a list of this type of vehicle… and there are plenty of them! We counted 23 marques offering over 130 electric models across every category (38 BEV, 28 HEV, 59 PHEV, 2 FCEV) and at all prices (from €19,930 to €187,900).

BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle (100% electric)
HEV = Hybrid Electric Vehicle (classic hybrid)
PHEV = Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (rechargeable hybrid)
FCEV = Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (hydrogen fuel cell)

*list not complete, subjet to modifications