From a shared passion to the Maison du Motard

Published on 16.06.2021

In recent months, many motorbike clubs have joined forces to promote respect, tolerance and responsibility and to convey a positive image of motorcyclists to the general public.

The Automobile Club du Luxembourg, which campaigns for inclusive mobility, in particular through training inititiaves based on clearly defined rules, has offered to host the Maison du Motard, which brings together a large number of Luxembourg-based motorcycle clubs.

Some aims of the Maison du Motard

  • Designing and promoting a policy that takes into account the particular challenges faced by motorcyclists.
  • Acting as an intermediary between motorcyclists and the authorities.
  • Rehabilitating and bolstering the image of motorcyclists in the eyes of the public
  • Advocating good practice and roadmanship.
  • Promoting road traffic safety
  • Hosting events aimed at motorcycle clubs to raise issues and share information. A variety projects will also be rolled out. 
All the above goals serve to promote more harmonious coexistence among all road users.

Role of the Automobile Club du Luxembourg

By brining together various stakeholders, the Automobile Club du Luxembourg enables them to have more clout vis-à-vis the authorities as well as a greater impact on the general public thanks to better coordination and the increased visibility of their efforts.

To this end, the ACL offers its expertise and facilities, including an office, meeting rooms and the Mondercange track. In addition, the ACL communication team will design campaigns to convey the Maison du Motard’s message both to general public and to the various participating clubs, raising greater awareness.

From an organisational point of view, the ACL makes the necessary resources available to ensure the coordination and organisation of events bringing together all members, including rallies, excursions and driving courses.

Expand training offer

One of the ACL's next initiatives to ensure a harmonious co-existence among road users and promote road traffic safety will be to offer a “Train the trainer” course to a number of representatives of motorcycle clubs, who will be able to run training courses and transmit these values. The ACL is therefore organising a week-long driving course for trainers from 29 June to 2 July, delivered and approved by the Austrian automobile club, the ÖAMTC.

See the press release (in French)

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