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ACL launches an online travel insurance, in partnership with Bâloise Assurances

Published on 10.06.2021

Press release

In order to support its members in their travel plans, the Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL) is now offering a travel insurance - to be taken out online, but also in-house - in collaboration with Bâloise Assurances. Two types of coverage are offered: cancellation insurance and luggage insurance, for the year or a specified period, to offer as much flexibility as desired.

As the summer holidays are approaching and the vaccination campaign is well underway, the desire to get away from the daily routine is becoming more and more pronounced. To accompany its members in a context that remains uncertain, ACL is now offering a digital travel insurance in collaboration with Bâloise Assurances, with whom ACL shares a vision of innovation and service.

The purpose of this new insurance is to provide a flexible and competitively priced offer to ACL members. In fact, it is tailored to their needs: whether for a certain period or annual basis, ACL members can subscribe at any time and for the period they wish. In addition to this flexibility in duration, this offer allows members to choose the appropriate coverages in a versatile manner; they can choose between travel cancellation insurance and luggage insurance and can also combine the two. Finally, to meet the expectations of its members, these insurances can be taken out directly online in a few clicks or in the ACL office in Bertrange.

"Taking out a travel insurance is the right thing to do, because no one is immune to the unexpected: not being able to go on holiday or losing one's luggage are unfortunately unpleasant incidents that can happen anytime. This is why the ACL wanted to offer its members an easy way to take out the coverage of their choice, so that they can book their holidays with a complete peace of mind, knowing that they are well covered in the event of a problem", explains Jean-Claude Juchem, CEO of the ACL.

The cancellation insurance covers policyholders in the event of illness, dismissal, promotion, separation, or divorce, up to €50,000. The luggage insurance covers the loss of suitcases, cameras, and sports equipment up to €3,500 when travelling. We also offer the possibility of insuring up to 8 people in the contract. Another interesting aspect is that the customer receives his or her insurance certificate in PDF format immediately upon signing up online.

"The new insurance that we are offering to ACL members covers them in the event of cancellation or interruption of their trip due to illness, including Covid19. In the current context, this is an undeniable plus that will help to reassure them in the preparation of their holidays," adds Romain Braas, CEO of Bâloise Assurances.

For more information, please visit or contact ACL by phone on +352 450045-1.


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