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A different kind of holiday

Published on 12.04.2021


”The most wonderful hobby in the world”, “holidays with total freedom and no restrictions”, “with a camper, you take your house with you”.Camping fans can’t think of enough ways to praise their hobby! And you can head off on holiday in all seasons, summer and winter alike. All you need is the right equipment. Autotouring will now be giving you a few handy tips in every issue.


Camping Card International (CCI)

Issued by the FICC (Fédération Internationale de Camping Caravanning), the Camping Card International is like an international passport for campers. It is accepted as proof of identity by all campsites participating in the CCI scheme. On arrival, all you need to do is hand in your CCI card at reception, meaning that you can keep your ID documentation for all your other journeys and activities.
The card offers a certain number of benefits, including reductions at 3,057 campsites in 40 countries across Europe. Reductions can be as much as 40%, depending on the season. And the card holder and people travelling with them (up to 11) are automatically insured against civil liability at the campsite for their entire stay.
The Camping Card International is available to all ACL and FICC members for €12.
New: ACL members with a Europe card can buy our Camping-Car Camping Card International for €26 and, subject to Europe card conditions, benefits include repatriation of their camper/motorhome or caravan, where the maximum permitted weight, length and height can exceed 3.5 tonnes, 10 metres and 3 metres – but cannot exceed 7.5 tonnes, 10 metres and 3.20 metres.

For information about campsites and general conditions, go to To enjoy all the benefits of the CCI card, holders are advised to register on the website.

Everything for camping at the ACL Shop

The ACL offers special guides, maps and atlases for campers, motor-homers and caravanners.  Selection: ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzatlas 2021-2022, ADAC Tourset Camping-Informationen, Michelin Week- ends en van – 52 destinations en France, Trailer Park – Aires & parkings , Womo-Reihe – Mit dem Wohmobil, Pro Mobil Reisemobil Stellplatzführer series, etc.
Come and see our guides, maps and atlases at our ACL shop in Bertrange (54, route de Longwy) and


Camping is nothing new in terms of outdoor holidays but this kind type of holiday has many advantages in these uncertain times: you get to your chosen campsite in your own vehicle, you have private washing and toilet facilities, campsite pitches are quite far apart and you are just as independent as in a holiday home, for example.
ACL experts are on hand to help you plan your holidays. (+352 450045-1;

Blind spot signs

As of 01.01.2021, article R.313-32-1 of the French Highway Code makes it compulsory for the sides and rear of heavy vehicles of a maximum permitted weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes (except for agricultural and forestry vehicles, winter service and other emergency vehicles) in French city centres to bear warning signs indicating danger zones due to blind spots. Ask ACL for the sticker.

Before you go: Good practice


  • To be driven with a car licence, campervans/motorhomes mustn’t be over 3.5 tonnes
  • Water system: Pour a cleaning and disinfecting solution into the waste water system 
  • Electricity: make sure that all of the electricity points in the vehicle are working. Clean any solar panels    Extinguisher: check that it’s still in date
  • Closure: Check that all openings are closed. Check that there are no leaks in the doors, skylights or windows
  • Gas: Check the contents of the bottles. Turn off the general gas inlet tightly before departure. Important: pipes need to be changed regularly 
  • Just before you head off, don’t forget to retract the step if you don’t have an alarm. Retract TV aerials and satellite dishes



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