Electric bike - essential winter maintenance

Published on 24.01.2022

Whether you’re an all-weather cyclist or your bike sits in the garage in cold weather, good maintenance is a must.

Follow these 6 tips to take care of your bike in winter.

I’m a cyclist and I'm not afraid of the cold

Tip no.°1: give your electric bike a thorough tune-up and check the brakes, brake pads, wiring, tyres and lighting to make sure you have a safe winter ride.
Tip no.°2: cold weather significantly reduces the range of your electric bike. After your winter outings, take the battery out and warm it up to room temperature (+- 20°) in a dry place, then recharge it.
Tip no.°3: The biggest threat to your bike is rust due to the salt that builds up on the roads. To stop the derailleur, the cabling and connections from rusting, a simple brush and water with a little washing-up liquid is all you need. After you have cleaned your bike, dry it with a cloth and make sure the chain is adequately lubricated.

I don't cycle as much in very cold weather

Tip no.°1: Humidity and cold are your battery’s worst enemies, so we recommend storing it in a dry room with a temperature between 10 and 20°C.
Tip no.°2: Even if this is not very intuitive to everyone, the battery should only be 50%-70% charged before winter storage.
Tip no.°3: Just as with a regular bike, you should pull the brake levers from time to time to prevent the brake pistons from seizing up. Also, be aware that a bike propped up against a wall for long periods of time will tend to wear out more quickly than a bike that is suspended or upright.

In any case, we recommend that you check over your bike and battery before you set off on a ride.


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