A new service for electric bikes

Published on 11.02.2022

From now on, you can have the battery of your electric bicycle tested at the ACL Diagnostic Center.

Batteries are subject to an inevitable ageing process caused by daily use, but sometimes also by incorrect storage or simply ageing. When buying or selling a used electric bike, asking about the condition of the battery is one of the most important purchase decisions.
The diagnosis also provides information about how much capacity the battery still has.
First, our experts carry out a visual inspection of the battery to detect externally visible damage such as knocks to the housing, visible water ingress or signs of corrosion. The next step is to check the condition and function of the charger before determining the amount of energy (capacity Wh - watt hours) of the battery and finally assessing the behavior of the internal resistance of the battery.
Once the check is complete, you will receive a detailed measurement report on the current remaining capacity of the battery.

What do I need?


  • By appointment: +352 450045-6007 or email dc1@acl.lu
  • The test takes about 2 hours. The battery can be kept at the ACL Diagnostic Center, you just need to collect it during our opening hours

Required are also:

  • Your ACL membership card
  • The electric bike battery and charger are required, but not the bike itself (the battery must be fully charged)
  • Make sure the manufacturer's label with the rating data is still legible (you can also bring the user manual)


  • Rate for non-members: €57
  • Exclusive rate for ACL members: 44 €

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