ACL summer tyre tests - 32 summer tyres put to the test

Published on 07.04.2021

Just in time for the start of spring, the Automobile Club du Luxembourg offers you a comprehensive test of the latest tyre models on the market.

This time, ACL and its European partner clubs put two sizes of 32 different summer tyres through a battery of tests. Seven of the tyres received a rating of 'good’. 

In order to give consumers an idea of the quality of products before they make a purchase, the ACL participates in the comparative tyre tests carried out annually by European automobile clubs. 15 tyres size 205/55 R16 and 17 tyres size 225/50 R17 were tested. The tyres were tested in accordance with all relevant safety criteria to ensure that they were up to the standards required in a real-life situation, whether on a wet or a dry road. When designing products, tyre manufacturers must take into account criteria such as road surface, weather conditions, driving style, fuel consumption and environmental friendliness. The right proportion of rubber, tyre construction and tread pattern are also important characteristics that influence quality. Good tyres are distinguished by their compliance with the entire required profile and by their balanced performance.

205/55 R16 size

Of the fifteen 205/55 R16 tyres tested, which are used on many vehicles in the compact class, such as the Mercedes A-Class, three models were rated “good”, eleven “satisfactory” and one “adequate” - all in all an extremely positive result. The test winners for this size are the Continental Premium-Contact 6, Semperit Speed-Life 3 and Bridgestone Turanza T005. 

225/50 R17 size

The tyres of this size that were tested performed well. The 'good' rating was awarded to four tyres:  Falken Azenis FK510, Continental PremiumContact 6, Kumho Ecsta PS71 and Bridgestone Turanza T005. Twelve models received a “satisfactory” rating and one model received an “inadequate” rating due to poor wet weather performance. 

Good to know about tyres


  • When buying tyres, ensure that all four wheels have the same date of manufacture, if possible, and therefore the same technical standard. 

  • Do not buy new tyres that are more than three years old. The age of the tyres is indicated by the DOT number. 

  • Buy the latest possible tyre models to benefit from technical improvements made by the manufacturers. 

  • Always use four tyres of the same model and type. 

  • Summer tyres should have a tread depth of at least 3 mm. 

  • If the depth varies between tyres, fit the best tyres on the rear axle, as this determines driving stability, particularly in corners, due to its effect on lateral steering.

  • Check tyre pressure regularly, preferably every fortnight. 

  • In case of heavy loads, increase the tyre pressure according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. 


Flat tyre: ACL to the rescue! 

Nowadays, most cars no longer have a spare wheel. One reason for this is the aim of making cars as light as possible in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Sometimes a spare wheel is offered as an option. Although flat tyres are rare, it is a good idea to have at least one spare wheel in your car so that you can continue on your way, even if these wheels are only made for short journeys. In the event of a flat tyre, if the car does not have a spare wheel or repair kit (which are often useless, incidentally), ACL members can make use of an innovative spare wheel. For a deposit of €100, an ACL technician will fit a Multi-Fit wheel to your vehicle. To obtain a refund of your deposit, all you have to do is return the wheel to the ACL in Bertrange or to the Jang Blom garage in Ingeldorf within 5 days. 

In case of a flat tyre or accident in Luxembourg or anywhere in Europe, call +352 26 000 or use the ACL application.

Watch our video on the spare wheel


Source de l'image : ADAC


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