Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Published on 06.10.2021

“3” is the winning number!

Introduced in 2017, the Tesla Model 3 quickly became the American carmaker’s best-seller. This is quite a success, with more than one in ten electric cars in Europe being a Model 3.
As part of the facelift for this model, Tesla has given the car a new look, with new wheels and satin black trim instead of chrome. However, the most important changes are technical, with the introduction of a heat pump (more efficient air conditioning), an electrically operated boot, double glazing at the front (soundproofing), and a new generation of battery cells (+10% energy density).
Behind the wheel is where we find the strengths of the model: incredible acceleration, a very efficient chassis, especially in this Dual Motor (4x4) version, and good mileage thanks to its controlled fuel consumption. The new Model 3’s electric power is based on its increased fast-charging power and on Tesla’s network of superchargers, which remains the densest in Europe.
Fortunately for the competition, the imperfect trim is still far from the standards of European premium models and the ergonomy of the controls will not please everyone. The simplicity of the interior continues to be a surprise to the uninitiated (like it or not) and having to use the touchscreen for almost all functions is rather annoying and distracting when driving. It is unfortunate that the manufacturer does not offer physical buttons for the most frequently used functions.
Despite these weaknesses, the Model 3 is still ahead of its electric rivals. But watch out, because the competition is catching up fast. 

Technical data sheets:  


350 hp / 575 Nm / 4x4 


15,4 kWh / 100 km 

CO2 emissions

0 g CO2 / km WLTP 


614 km WLTP

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

0 - 100 km / h in 4,4 s

Base price

approx. 56.990 € VAT  

Image source: ©Courtesy of Tesla. Inc2



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