Ride your bike in winter, but always be prepared!

Published on 24.01.2022

Cycling during the winter season, continuing to go to work or running errands by bike is not impossible as long as you are well prepared.

All you need to do is add a few accessories to your bike, match your clothing to the conditions and above all adapt your riding style to take into account the inevitable ice patches and other obstacles. Tips and tricks from ACL’s experts for cold-weather cycling.

Special biking equipement

  • Mudguards are indispensable
  • A cover to protect the saddle while the bike is parked
  • Rain protection for children if you ride a cargo bike
  • Slightly less air in the tires (for better grip)
  • And of course, the lights should always be in good condition


Appropriate clothing

  • A raincoat that you put on over your clothes
  • Appropriate footwear or shoe covers
  • Gloves
  • Rain helmet with visor for better visibility
  • And a change of clothes if you are cycling to work


Careful and responsible riding

  • ride more slowly
  • be aware of obstacles or turns
  • increase separation from any other road user
  • allow for a greater braking distance
  • be patient as the trip will probably take longer than usual
  • avoid riding your bike in snow or ice, but if you do, do not turn your handlebars on ice.


Safety first and foremost

It’s all about seeing and being seen: the risk of a traffic accident is higher at dusk and in bad weather. Good bicycle lighting and high visibility clothing are essential to ensure a safe ride.

  • Check your front and rear lighting. A powerful headlamp can be used to supplement the bike’s headlight if you are riding on poorly lit roads. The rear light should be large enough to ensure safety.
  • You will be able to ride safely with a vest, a fluorescent cover for your backpack and reflective armbands so that you can be seen from a distance.

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